Take control of the music in your stores


Why Brandtrack?

in less than 5 minutes, Brandtrack can help you synchronize music across multiple stores.

Custom Playlists

We have professional Djs who specialize in marketing that select the best music for your business.

Commercial ads

Easily add audio commercials to your background music to promote key messages

HQ Dashboard

Control everything that’s going on in the stores even get reports from your centralized Dashboard

Listen Offline

No internet connection is required for our application to function.

Play legal music that complies with all copyright requirements

Available for Android, Linux, Mac and Windows.

Playing music in more than 7.000 stores all over the world.

We are present in some of the most important stores in more than 30 countries. You probably already listened to our music play.

“The emotional connection we create with our guests through the music is incredible”

Andrés Lambardi, Marketing Manager – Four Seasons

Music makes the difference

Studies show that music drastically affects the experience of a customer.

How do we select the best music for a brand?


Based on the characteristics of the brand and the profile of its consumers, our Djs select songs that fit the desired emotional experience for each space.

More about our music selection process


With in-store tracking systems we acquire precise information about customer behavior, which allows us to adapt our music for the best possible customer experience.

More about In-store tracking

Do you want to play the
correct music in your stores?